Mariano, Real Madrid’s 42nd injury this season

Mariano eHe is the new injured at Real Madrid who already has 42 injuries this season. In fact, only four players have not fallen this season at the white club. Lunin, Mendy, Casemiro and Vinicius are those four players who have not been injured. Or what is the same, that 18 of the current squad have missed games because they are out due to injury. To them we must add Odegaard and Jovic, who were also injured while at Real Madrid.

Injuries have become a problem for Real Madrid to the point that Zidane he asked those responsible for explanations because he did not understand or understand what is happening. Compared to other clubs, such as Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid is just under double these two teams in terms of injuries this season.

Right now, in the Real Madrid infirmary they are Mariano, Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Hazard, Carvajal. Have recovered Marcelo, Militao, Valverde, Rodrygo and Odriozola.

Benzema is the one who can reach the derby this Sunday, while Hazard can reach the Champions League match against Atalanta on March 16. Sergio Ramos He also wants to be in that game, but it is difficult for him. Carvajal, for his part, he still has to reappear