María Teresa Campos: “The president asked me for Rocío Carrasco’s phone number because he wanted to talk to her”

Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries in which she tells her story with Antonio David Flores has caused the reaction of numerous personalities from the world of the heart, but also from politics.

Adriana Lastra and Irene Montero they were publicly shown next to Rocío Jurado’s daughter, assuring that this set a precedent and praising her bravery.

However, they wouldn’t be the only political figures who would have expressed their support after the broadcast of the first chapter.

María Teresa Campos has assured this Friday in the Deluxe what Pedro Sánchez also contacted her.

“President He asked me for the phone number of Rocío Carrasco because I wanted to talk to her, “he confessed.

In addition, he has affirmed that later he spoke with Rocío herself and she confirmed that finally yes I had received that call from the president.

Both Jorge Javier Vázquez and María Teresa Campos have praised the closeness of the three politicians to this case. “Says a lot about him (Pedro Sánchez), “said the journalist.