María Pombo surprises by making the leap to television with Omar Montes and Jesulín

Maria Pombo has become one of the Most successful ‘influencers’ in our country. The Madrilenian already has almost two million followers on Instagram and, in addition, has two own clothing firms, ‘Name the brand’ (with a more sober style) and ‘Tipitent’, with more urban airs. And, as if that were not enough, he organized the last edition of the ‘Suavefest’.

However, all this seems to be little for a Maria who now has before her a new challenge: to give the jump to the small screen– He will do it to be part of
The challenge
, the program carried out by Pablo Motos’ production company ‘7 y Acción’.

Following in the footsteps of Pilar Rubio with her section in ‘El Hormiguero’, several well-known faces will confront each other. every week to different challenges. A total of eight contestants who will have to face the dreaded apnea, cook with a bulldozer or learn to play an instrument in just seven days. The money obtained can be allocated to the NGO that each one chooses.

Morata’s ex-partner thus joins the list of already confirmed names that make up Omar Montes, Jesulín de Ubrique, Bárbara Rey or ‘El Monaguillo’, among others. María, in fact, was already on the list of the first edition, but finally could not compete after learning of her pregnancy.