María Pedraza passes the censorship of Instagram with this full nude

That María Pedraza is one of the most popular Spanish actresses nobody doubts it; And that the dancer leaves the world speechless with each post on Instagram, either. Pedraza has done it again, this time skipping Instagram censorship with a spectacular backlit nude that has enchanted his followers. More of 1.2 million ‘likes’ you already have the snapshot and we have lost count of the number of compliments that are read between your comments.

And it is that the actress has taken at face value the rise in temperatures typical of spring and is breaking it lately in the networks. It is appearing on Instagram and setting off all the alarms: María Pedraza turns everything she touches into thousands of ‘likes’. For the sensual photography, the dancer chose a turquoise hair towel, matching the spectacular landscape of the sea and blue sky. But, without a doubt, what stood out above all was her pretty figure.

It is not the first time that the actress dares to be seen without clothes. Several weeks ago he also surprised his followers with this provocative pose in the bathtub where an original was allowed to be seen. mini tattoo on its side.