María Patiño sprouts against Anabel Pantoja live: ‘I’m up to …!’

For days Anabel Pantoja’s work as an ‘influencer’ has been questioned in Mediaset due to a collection of jewels that she took out with a brand and that she has been promoting on Instagram. This week, the niece of the tonadillera criticized the ‘Save me’ investigation team, whom he called “clumsy.” Despite the wake-up call from David Valldeperas, the collaborator refused this Wednesday to intervene live and claimed to be “up to the c *** of the jewels.”

The attitude of the niece of Isabel Pantoja blew up his companions, especially Maria Patiño, which claimed to be “Fed up” with the “lack of professionalism” of his partner, reminding the young woman that, if she is not well in the program, she can leave. Finally, this Thursday Anabel has returned to the Telecinco program to publicly apologize.

I am not well, these things are accumulating and I feel that maybe I am not in the right place”Confessed the‘ influencer ’, about to cry. In addition, he explained that he was greatly affected by the words of the presenter of ‘Socialite’:” It hurt me a lot, yesterday was very hard because I was told that I had not worked.

Anabel Pantoja in ‘Save me’.

Anabel Pantoja: “I feel that maybe I’m not in the right place”

Patiño then responded calmly but wanted to make it clear that although he does not have the same problems as Anabel, he does have to alleviate the consequences of being a known person. “There is a character that comes to talk about me when what I say bothers them, they say more serious things than you have lived here and no one has been able to hear a word from me, It is the toll that I have to pay to be the way I am and say things the way I say them”, Said the journalist.

The presenter has assured her partner that she does not consider her to be a “lazy” person but has said that she believes that she does not know how the program works or the effort or hours of work behind it. defending the team that Anabel harshly criticized earlier in the week. “I am convinced that you think that here is an intention to kill your life”Added Patiño.

María Patiño and Anabel Pantoja in 'Sálvame'.
María Patiño and Anabel Pantoja in ‘Save me’.

María Patiño: “Your colleagues have killed for you, they give you advice every day”

However, Anabel was very negative about her continuity on the show. “What am I doing in ‘Save me’? Maybe my chair can be occupied by someone else”, He has come to say. After several attempts to make the artist’s niece see things from another perspective, Patiño has ended up losing patience.

I’m up to my feet, your colleagues have killed for you, they give you advice every day!“Said the one from‘ Socialite ’. However, it only made Anabel sprout: “You have to do the program as María Patiño says. Well, this is not ‘Socialite’! I know I am not a saint of your devotion, but I am your companion ”.