María Patiño comes out in defense of Ana Obregón: ‘Antonia Dell’Atte lies’

Recently, Antonia Dell’Atte she was upset with her ex-husband Alessandro Lequio and Ana Obregón. The Italian said that “Clemente was not invited to the funeral of his brother Aless” and that “he found out afterwards that there was that mass, that his father should have said.” “He wrote him a letter that was not read or named at the funeral,” he added.

Maria PatiñoFor his part, he has wanted to strictly deny the model’s statements in his programa Socialité ’program. “Antonia lies. Ana Obregón yes invited Gracious and I can prove it, “said the Galician, visibly upset with the words of Antonia Dell’Atte.

“With this I am going to be forceful, nobody is invited to a funeral, they are informed of the day and the place,” said the journalist. “Ana yes he said to Gracious, but due to the circumstances caused by the covid and the planes, he did not attend. What’s more, he offered to help him pay the ticket, since Gracious lives in Miami. Ana She was very considerate, there was a message and I even love you ”, she sentenced.