María Castro recounts her dangerous domestic accident: ‘I burned my chest’

The actress Maria Castro has resorted in the last hours to his stories of Instagram to share with his followers a “dangerous” domestic accident he has suffered. “I’ll tell you what just happened to me so you don’t get lost and it happens to you like me, which is dangerous. I started to heat milk in the microwave doing more things at the same time, as always multitasking, and I forgot a little about the milk ”, he begins by counting.

He then goes on to explain that “when I opened the microwave, the milk was boiling and came to a boil, like a geyser upwards, wetting the whole kitchen and soaking my shirt. Whereupon, I burned through it. ”

María Castro has announced the arrival of her second daughter.

“I quickly took off my shirt and poured a lot of cold water on bad luck that I went to burn in that in what I am irreplaceable, which is in the breast ”, she details, being aware that she continues to breastfeed her newborn.

“I burned the right breast and nipple”, He clarifies showing part of“ still red ”. “Down is more affected,” he finally adds.