María Adánez shows off her tummy in the final stretch of her pregnancy

María Adánez is about to fulfill one of her dreams. And it is that the eternal ‘posh’ of the community of neighbors of ‘There is no one living here’ is waiting for her first offspring when he just turned 45 years old. “You are right, yesterday I turned 45, with my baby on board ”, he wrote on Instagram next to a smiling photograph of him with his birthday cake.

The actress has waited to have a emotional stability to take the decisive step of becoming a mother. And it is that Adánez has found balance and security with the neurologist Ignacio Hernández Medrano, ten years her junior.

The actress shared the good news with her followers with a touching ultrasound in which the baby’s heartbeat was heard. “I am eight weeks pregnant. You don’t know the joy it gives me to share it with all of you ”, she said, very excited. Now, just entered the 33rd week of pregnancy, Adánez already knows that he is expecting a child and that he will call Claudio.

Also, a radiant future mom shared a funny snapshot of its already evident tummy in which she is serene, happy and waiting impatiently for the arrival of her offspring.