Marcos Paulo, his ‘Madridista friends’ and their celebrations like Neymar

Mark Paulo is to date the only one of the signings made by the
The Brazilian is living the first weeks in the rojiblanco team, a dream come true for him. At the moment he is fighting to get used to the physical demands of the rojiblanco team’s preparation. For newcomers it is never easy to adapt to the methodology of Profe Ortega and the methods of Athletic. The intensity required in mattress training always surprises newbies. And he is not being different in this regard.

The mattress signing has during these first days to Saul
Ñíguez as one of those who is helping you the most. At the moment, the Lusophone ‘clan’ is not in training. When the I gave it, Philip Y Joao Felix, surely it ends up being under his wing by simple cultural affinity.

The fact is that the player lives a dream and in his head there are already matches like the one he can face against Real
Madrid, Yes Simeone He deems it appropriate for him to play.

A derby that will be special for him since beyond the rivalry that there may be with the white box, which he still cannot see, it will help him to face two good friends. And is that Vinicius Y Rodrygo they are two of his best friends.

Marcos Paulo, celebrating the goals like Neymar did.

“Before starting the professional training, I spoke more with Vinicius
Junior. I am friends with him and Rodrygo. Vinicius He always said that it was difficult (to reach the elite), but that nothing was impossible. He told me to do what I always did and that things would happen. When I started training I saw that I could get there, “he explained a few years ago in Balloonsport. Curiously, in the end all three have ended up in the same city, in the capital of Spain. Of course, they will do it as rivals.


The player is following in the footsteps of his idols. “Every player dreams of Europe. As I said of Ronaldinho and of Neymar“, He pointed out some time ago to highlight who his references were:” It was always Ronaldinho Gaucho. Today I admire Christian
Ronaldo, for its focus, and to Neymar, for his style of play ”.

An admiration that led him, for a time in Fluminense, to celebrate goals as he did Neymar. The player copied several celebrations as a tribute.