Marcos Paulo: ‘Atlético is a club that fights to the end, I want to be part of it’

Paul live his first hours as a player of the Athletic
The Portuguese will wear the ’20’ that he left Vitolo, an unequivocal sign that you want to be part of the project for the coming course. For this you will have to convince Simeone, with whom he is looking forward to training, as he explained.

The Brazilian player said he was “fulfilling a dream.” “I am very happy, I am fulfilling a dream to be able to be in one of the greatest teams in the world,” he explained in an interview with the club’s official media.

“It is a feeling that I cannot explain and I hope it can help the Atlético de Madrid“He went on to add:” I was in the Fluminense and there were several clubs interested in my work and my contract was about to expire. There was a game against him Athletic
Paranaense and my agent told me there were chances that the Athletics come and talk to us ”. That game was key for him. “The game went very well for me, I scored two goals and we had a conversation and I was very happy.”

The player wants to convince Simeone. “Now I have to work. It has been difficult because I stood there for a while, but I have worked hard to get here and help a lot, “said the new mattress attacker.

“I have seen the struggle of the team, the strength of the squad and I am happy to be part of this group,” said the Brazilian. “As I said, it is one of the greatest in the world and it is a team that fights to the end, a winning team, I hope it continues like this and I can help too,” he explained.


About his new coach, about Diego Pablo Simeone, explained that “everyone knows Simeone, as a player and coach ”. “I really want to work with him,” he said to add: “He is a very important figure in the world of football and I hope to learn a lot here. I am very young and I come here to learn a lot. I hope to learn from him, ”said the player.

He was also impressed by his new stadium. “Is very pretty. I was watching it on TV and I could already see it up close. It is a very nice stadium. I hope that with the return of the fans, after going through these difficult moments … Now being able to play here is going to be very good, “he said.

Finally, he promised “to contribute work and a lot of desire, goal passes, goals, dribbles and always wanting to help the team in a way that benefits everyone.”