Marcos Alonso: ‘I will be able to hesitate my father or Cesc’

Spanish defender Marcos Alonso was euphoric about winning the Champions League with Chelsea, something that his grandfather (Marquitos) achieved five times with Real Madrid and that his father Marcos failed to achieve despite playing a final. with Barcelona.

Alonso acknowledged, with the medal around his neck, that he has “a few to hesitate” for the victory. He already has a ‘Champions’ that his father did not achieve.

“I have a few to hesitate, like my father or Cesc (Fabregas) who have wavered me during the week,” the London team’s defender said in Movistar Plus.

“It has been incredible. After a difficult year ending like this is amazing. now to enjoy and rest, ”said Marcos Alonso, who downplayed the fact that he had not been able to jump onto the field. “We will have to fight and go for another. I already played in other rounds, ”he said.

The Chelsea defender praised Manchester City: “They are a great team, they have shown it in the Premier. But we have understood well what we had to do and we have succeeded ”.

“The mister already said it. We are a difficult team to play. We have shown that although we were not favorites, now we are here with the trophy ”, recalled Marcos Alonso.

“I am always ready to play and help the team when I need it,” he concluded.