Marco Asensio’s umpteenth missed opportunity

Zinedine Zidane keep betting day in and day out and on Marco Asensio Y Marco Asensio He insists on responding to the confidence of his coach with increasingly poor performances, unbecoming of a Real Madrid footballer. The Mallorcan still does not regain the level shown in the 2016/2017 season and, at 25 years old, he continues to waste opportunities in big games.

More than a year and a half after the serious ligament injury suffered in a summer friendly, Marco Asensio He does not show signs of having recovered the spark, the daring and the potential that was guessed at when he was considered one of the young players with the most potential on the planet.

At Metropolitan Wanda Asensio formed an attacking trident next to the reappeared Benzema Y Rodrygo Goes and he went totally on tiptoe in the 60 minutes he was on the pitch. The Mallorcan chained his eleventh start in the league against Atlético but remains stagnant in the two goals and the two assists that he has been this season. His last goal came against Levante on January 30 and the last assistance, of Forced to accumulate many minutes due to the plague of injuries that devastated the white team, the Balearic still without raising his head and was unable to offer the minimum performance required in the matches against Valladolid, Atalanta or Real society.

More of the same happened in the Wanda, where he was replaced again close to game time. Asensio did not shoot a single time at goal, did not complete any dribbling, lost 9 balls and only gave 16 good passes, according to Opta data. With the return of Rodrygo and the ever closer reappearance of Hazard, to Zinedine Zidane He will have no choice but to seat an Asensio who exhausts his little credit with each passing game.