Marcelo: ‘We go out with our heads high’

The winger and second captain of the Real
Madrid, Marcelo, was in charge of analyzing the tie of the Real
Madrid before him Chelsea in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions.

“We have entered with a proposal that we have not been able to carry out and, in the first 20 minutes it has been difficult. We knew what could happen and we are fine. The return leg will be different ”, he started pointing out.

“Now we are going to rest a bit but we know that we have work ahead and we are going to continue doing it as we have done before because this is the way. We went out with our heads high, “said the Brazilian.

By last, Marcelo He sent a message to the fans that also served as a harangue to the less optimistic fans: “We can only say to the fans that we are going to continue working as we have done so far and that we will fight next week to go to the final,” he said. .