Marcelo: ‘The League? We know what we have to do’

Marcelo was one of the protagonists in the second day of the White Week for the students of the Real Madrid University European School. The Brazilian explained that “pressure will always exist in Real Madrid, it is the best club in the world. Against this team, everyone wants to play the best possible game. Pressure is part of the footballer’s life. You have to win games and titles. But we face it with joy. We want to play and learn every day ”.

Marcelo He explained that “I have gained many things in my life and I will always be grateful. I have been lucky enough to play finals, but I have also lost important games. When you fall, you learn to get up. Thank God I know what it’s like to win and the taste of victory is awesome. It’s what makes me wake up wanting to improve ”.

The winger spoke about him league final in which Real Madrid has reached the last day with a chance to win the title. We had a very tough game and we managed to win. We can win it, even if it doesn’t depend on us. We know what we have to do and we have come to the end with options. We have to go with a lot of confidence to be able to win ”, said Marcelo.

The side He stressed that “in this club there are many people who teach you new things every day. If there is something I am grateful for, it is to be part of the history of the best club in the world. Being one of the captains is not just wearing the armband, you have to help new ones. Also, you have to carry the shield around the world. Even when I go to Brazil I am wearing this badge and it is a great responsibility ”.

Marcelo praised the Real Madrid quarry. “When I arrived I had the opportunity to see the quarry and almost to play in it. I see how they treat children and I love it. I knew that Madrid was very big and the heart of the quarry moved me. My son is very excited, he always comes from training with great joy ”, he declared.