Marcelo, one more father encouraging his son in LaLiga Promises

Enzo Alves Vieira is one of the 240 children who from this Friday until next Sunday participate in the XXX edition of the LaLiga Promises Santander Tournament, which is disputed in the Pamesa Ceramic Sports City of Vila-real. Born in 2009, like the vast majority of the participants in this prestigious juvenile category championship (U-12), he is a burly striker who has the Real Madrid in their ranks. His afro hairstyle draws attention as does the fact that he wears the number 12, unusual for attackers. But both the first and the second respond to a common motive: his father.

Because Enzo, although he occupies a very different position on the field than his father, he is the son of Marcelo, the left side of the Real Madrid, who like one more father met this Friday in Vila-real to cheer up your child.

The Brazilian was seen from early in the morning at the facilities of the Pamesa Cerámica Sports City to closely follow the evolution of his son, cheering like the rest of the fathers and mothers who gathered at this great youth soccer party.

During the morning, the Real Madrid, designated as one of the favorites to fight for the title like the Barça, among others, won both games. 2-1 against Celtic first and identical result against Cadiz later.

Enzo Vieira, Marcelo’s son, is one of the Real Madrid strikers alevín