Marcelino’s great challenge at Athletic

Toral he is clear about his great challenge in Athletic, to make it a competitive team and that this lasts over time, that it is not the flower of a day or a few games. “There is no doubt that this is the challenge looking at the last three or four seasons. Athletic is a team with capacity, but it is difficult for them to maintain continuity for many months. It is a thing of mentality, to convince ourselves of having that capacity and to demonstrate it every day to improve, to be ambitious and to believe in a way of playing that gives us security, stability and progression. There is no doubt that it takes time, when you come from an irregular situation it requires time and the collaboration of everyone to have that competitive spirit that this team has always treasured and this squad has, ”says the rojiblanco coach.

The Asturian added that there is a condition for all teams: “Football has changed a lot from celebrating with the public to doing it with empty stadiums. Maintaining this consistency at a high level is a handicap that practically all teams have ”.