Marcelino prepares the Athletic of the future

Marcelino wants to put aside the mourning of the finals to already think about the team of the future and some young people, who have not enjoyed a leading role, must step forward and begin to assume a more important role.

Losing two finals is not something that is easily forgotten. It cannot and should not be done, if you want to draw a valuable lesson for the future. That said, you cannot live in the past and the obligation of professionals is to leave all that behind and compete in each game, as if they were playing Europe or the same league title.

“Ambition” repeats over and over again Marcelino in their appearances before the media, an idea that must penetrate the locker room to continue growing as a club. If this is achieved, instilling that obligation to win every Sunday, like the badly called ‘big’ teams, would be as important a success as winning a Cup. This team has shown that it is capable of doing great things and the challenge is to give continuity, change the group mentality.

The analysis is done, it seems that the evil has been detected, now it is the difficult part: to remedy it. Philosophy is the cornerstone on which this project must be maintained, but we have to recognize that it also entails some well-known adversities, therefore the direction of a coach with clear ideas can mark the future of Athletic in the coming years. In this section of the season, inevitably you have to think about the 21/22 course without stopping competing until the end and rush any gap to reach continental plaza or at least, stay as high as possible.

It is not the same to finish the championship in eighth position than to do it twelfth, for example. In this journey I think Marcelino is right by giving ownership to Villalibre Y Sancet
. The first one has been more than earned by his latest interventions and because Williams Y Raul
Garcia they are not going through their best moment either.

The young Navarrese, for his part, has to take advantage of every minute on the green to show that he is a valid player for the team. At 21 years old, he has left more than enough samples of quality to trust him. Now it’s time to ask him to maintain these benefits on a regular basis to demand a position with his game, not only in the squad, but in the starting team. The classic scheme of the Careñes coach may not suit him perfectly with his 4-4-2, but in the end the great players adapt to any position, it doesn’t serve as an excuse.

Villalibre and Sancet must be a reality as soon as possible in this squad, like Victor and company. I recognize that I would like to see Iñigo Vicente in this final stretch of the season to see if he can be counted on for the future. It is time to make small concessions thinking about the future. With Bilbao Athletic fighting for promotion to Second, it seems logical that the promotion of cubs to the first team be postponed until the preseason.

It seems important to me to have the subsidiary in the silver division to blank your young players and facilitate the jump from one team to another. I hope that promotion comes and he is endowed with wickers to fight for salvation, not as happened with Ziganda