Marc Valiente: ‘Espanyol has a squad to move up but we already played the game at the RCDE Stadium’

The Sporting central Marc Valiente, who regained ownership After overcoming a long injury, he assured Wednesday that he does not think “about what will happen tomorrow or a possible relapse” and what he does is “enjoy the day to day.

The defender acknowledged that the recovery was very long of an injury that dragged from last season, but as of December he entered the team routine until he returned to take a position in the starting team.

Sporting host Espanyol on Sunday in a match in which, if they achieve victory, the people of Gijón are fully involved in the fight for a direct promotion position, although for Valiente the rival “by staff and budget is one of those who has to be at the top.

“Espanyol has a squad designed to move up with players for whom they have paid very high transfers, but they already we play the game there and that’s what we want to do on Sunday. We have earned the right to be fighting with them, “said the rojiblanco defender.

For the central rojiblanco winning Espanyol “would mean winning the fourth game in a row and being a team like this would give us a lot of confidence in the face of those who remain. “

Valiente recalled that the meeting of the first round “It was a highly contested match in which Espanyol did not manage to get ahead until the 88th minute and in which there was a play with contact about Babin that was not reviewed. “

Valiente was recently awarded a penalty for some rather dubious hands, but the player does not give greater importance to the fact and stated that “the referees make mistakes as we footballers do”, although he asked for more clarity in the criteria of what is a hand and what is not.

“With the VAR they wanted to minimize errors, but there are times that the criteria of when it is used and when not are very well known “, he indicated before giving as an example” when the forward plays with his hand it is always a fault, but not when a defender does it “and asked, “a more concrete explanation”.

The rojiblanco central recognized that “defensive solidity is very important “and he stressed that” Gallego he insists a lot on getting the ball out from the defense to feed the players up front with balls. ”