Marc Márquez’s arm suffered a 25.98G impact from his Honda !!

Alpinestars, the brand that equips Marc Márquez, has provided this Saturday the data of the hard fall suffered during the race last Sunday in which the Honda spat it out by ears at Turn 3 with four laps to go with so Bad luck that when he was rolling over the loophole, the Honda hit his right arm and caused the fracture of the humerus of his right arm in the middle third.

The fall of Marc Márquez in Jerez

The graph shows that the Repsol Honda rider remained in the air for a second before hitting the tarmac with his newly deployed airbag. The Spanish rider slid and began to roll shortly afterwards through the gravel and that was when the impact on the right arm of his motorcycle tire occurred, a blow with an estimated force of 25.98 G.

26.17 was the impact that his body suffered in the brutal highside of the Sepang qualy last year and that was preceded weeks before an impact of 26.14G in another highside in the FP1 of Thailand and in both cases in that area against which he stung on the asphalt he had the back protection of his overalls.

Most humans are not exposed to forces beyond 8G and the best fighter pilots withstand 9g forces before experiencing what is called g-LOC, gravity-induced loss of consciousness.

From the impact, his turns on the gravel until it stopped lasted about 3 ”55, for a total duration of the incident of 5” 3 seconds, an accident that cost him a zero in the locker and that forces him to reappear recently operated in Jerez-2 to try to score some valuable points.