Marc Márquez surrenders to Pedro Acosta, the great star of the future

Peter Acosta It is one of the most repeated names by all fans of the Motorcycle World Championship at this start of the season. The pilot from Mazarrón, at just 16 years old (May 25, 2004) has earned it hard thanks to a spectacular start to the World Cup in his first season in Moto3. Much was expected of the young Murcian in his ‘rookie’ campaign in Moto3, many already said that you had to be very aware of this Spanish talent, who came from being champion of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, and others, asked for patience and said that it was too early to talk about his future. But with his first three performances in the World Cup, it is inevitable that he will be compared with Marc Márquez and with the great figures who have reached the premier class to dominate. And while, the boy from Red Bull KTM Garlic, It seems that the pressure does not affect him one iota. He is one of those guys who comes out naturally, differently from the rest, who do what is difficult as if it were easy, who do it with an astonishing naturalness. That’s what is distilled from piloting a talent that amazes the world. It is not for less. In his first race in the World Cup, he was 2nd. In the second he started from the pit lane with more than 11 seconds behind the rest and won an epic race. Y In his third round, already leading the World Championship, in Portimao, although he was 12th in the qualifying session, he again made a spectacular comeback and won his second consecutive date
with a spectacular ending, making a last overtaking within reach of very few when it seemed that Foggia he had everything to win.

The best of all is his enormous self-confidence, getting on a motorcycle in the World Championship in front of experienced riders and not wrinkling before them, riding without complexes, without nerves, without hiding, simply doing what he knows how to do with total ease. It is also surprising how calm he was after winning that amazing test in Qatar, as if his feat had been to go buy bread. And in Portimao, after winning again, he surprised with a phrase that says it all and that speaks of minimalism with which to face a test in the best way: “The strategy was to have a good time 45 minutes and take the trophy home with me”. Well that, nothing to add.

Pedro Acosta

Márquez warns: “He will reach MotoGP and he will do it very well”

Faced with such exhibitions, it is normal for him to be compared with Marc Marquez, and Cervera’s own pilot took off his hat, both in Qatar like in Portimao, with the Murcian class. After his Losail recital he posted a tweet saying it all: “Pedro is good, very good. Congratulations on the first victory of many in the World Cup! Bravo”. And so did another star of the queen class, Fabio Quartararo.

And after PortimaoAfter once again astonishing the world with his riding, Marc Márquez spoke forcefully about the talent that everyone sees in a short time in MotoGP, giving a lot to talk about.

Pedro Acosta, in Portimao

Pedro Acosta, in Portimao

“Pedro Acosta is good, very good. And I said it, I put it in a ‘tweet’ in Qatar. Ride different from the others compared to those in Moto3. I think he will win this year. But let’s not put pressure on the kid either. He is also very young, but if he keeps his head where he has to keep it, he is going to get to MotoGP and he will do it very very well. But, time to time. You don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself, ”Marc commented on‘ DAZN ’.

“He is young, he is doing very well, He rides differently from the rest, he is going to get to Moto2, he is going to burn out stages and I think, sooner or later, he is going to get to MotoGP and he will do very well. So one more Spaniard than I have no problem recognizing that when his day comes, if he continues with this progression, it will make things difficult for anyone in MotoGP