Marc Márquez flies to Doha to get vaccinated to be at the start of the World Cup

Marc Marquez took this Saturday morning an express flight to Doha first thing in the morning to join the immunization of the entire grid of MotoGP as a result of the agreement between Dorna and the state of Qatar to supply the vaccine Pzifer to the members of the paddock, all of them vaccinated between Friday and Saturday. The Catalan has traveled accompanied to get the vaccine and once the first dose has been supplied, the idea of ​​Marc and his environment is to return to Spain to continue with the final recovery plan established after the satisfactory third medical check-up to which he was subjected a few days ago .

This news revealed by MD only reinforces the theory that Marc Márquez has the clear intention of recovering in time to start the MotoGP World Championship in Taste, although it is unknown if he wants to get back on track in the first race or in the second, both in the Losail Circuit.

After the vaccine, back to recover

After being inactive all last season due to the humerus fracture caused by his fall in the first race of the year in Jerez, for which he had several relapses and was operated on up to 3 times, the last of them last December. in Madrid, doctors allow you to increase your strength exercises and start testing yourself on a motorcycle. Therefore, the 6-time champion of MotoGP you will start to get sensations again on the back of motorcycles of smaller displacement, progressively increasing until he was able to ride a 1,000 cubic centimeter street motorcycle in tests yet to be revealedr. In this sense, it remains to be seen if he decides to take advantage of these tests with a 1,000 to shoot in Portimao to learn the characteristics of a circuit in which he did not compete last year.

However, the planned plan to make the final decision to start competing in Qatar after having been tested on several motorcycles in the aforementioned tests.

Marquez’s plan in Qatar

In the case of a normal traveler, the quarantine upon arrival at Qatar It is 7 days, but not for the pilots of MotoGP, which through an exemption letter can save quarantine time. Marc must present a negative PCR maximum 72 hours before at the airport, pass another PCR upon arrival and go to the hotel to be confined until he receives the test result by mail. With the negative in hand, you can leave the hotel to get the vaccine Pzifer and, later, you will return home to continue your recovery.