Marc Márquez does not rule out getting off the bike at Mugello

The lack of strength in his right arm as a result of the inflammation in the shoulder that has tightened him since his return to competition is calling into question his continuity at the Mugello Autodrome, which for the current physical conditions is too critical for him with his many changes of direction. At the moment he has turned the page to this Friday because he assures that the situation is “medium good”, but he warned in the telematic press conference that “if the situation goes from medium good to dangerous it will be a matter of stopping and thinking about Montmeló, for now not we are in this situation ”.

In statements to DAZN, his team manager Alberto Puig did not rule it out either. “We are following the feeling of the pilot and the medical indication. We know you are in pain, but we also know that the fracture is healing. Not to mention that it is practically cured, although there is still a little left. But obviously, if the situation that presents itself indicates that it is better to stop, it will stop. It is obvious”.


“At the moment it has been marked by the physical. Since I started, I have seen that it was difficult for me, I suffer more in the second outing and the last one is a little better. We will see how it evolves. The weekend will be difficult. Two months ago I returned to Portimao and I am quite stuck in the evolution of the shoulder that makes my arm go bad and I am noticing it in the changes of direction which is where I suffer and it is full. The situation is not what we would like, but it is good to accumulate kilometers. If the situation goes from medium good to dangerous, it will be a matter of stopping and thinking about Montmeló, at the moment we are not in this situation “


“I said it yesterday with a small mouth, it is a reality. We are prioritizing something else. We know that running and getting 5 or 10 or 1 point is not going to change our result at the end of the year. In HRC it doesn’t matter to be 3rd, 4th, 5th or 10th, if you don’t win it’s a bad year. This is a year of transition. We must be aware of where we come from. The weekend at Le Mans with the weather I forgot and ended up in a crash, something we have to avoid “


“FP1 and FP2 have been tough. It has to be done as a public test, it is the only way to go around on a motorcycle, a footballer kicks and can run on natural grass and we cannot, we have to adapt to the competition. You have to get on the bike exposed to cameras and that is what we are doing “


“Honestly, I don’t know how the situation is inside Honda or what each rider wears. I have a bike very similar to 2019 with some evolutions and when I feel better I will introduce the new things from last year. We have decided to do a reset to start where we left off and when I feel good to try new things and see if we are taking steps forward, it was the only way to see if we were taking steps forward “


“It is true that the Honda is a critical motorcycle, to push it to the limit you need falls and they reduce confidence and in my condition more and what is happening to me is that I am not riding 100%. You see one of my 2019 lap and today the bike is moving half because I can’t go as usual and you have to go very to the limit and be 100% physically if you want to do all the fast laps. It is true that we have traction problems but in 2019 I already had it and when the pilot cannot adapt to the problems it is more noticeable on the track and in the results “