Marc Márquez decides to change his strategy

In the second Grand Prix that Marc Márquez gets between his chest and back after almost nine months in the competitive dry dock, Marc Márquez has decided to change his strategy. He already tested at Portimao how he went dramatically from high to low over the weekend until he ran out of energy for the last laps of the race when he simply let the Honda take him to the finish line. In Jerez he decided that he was going to reserve himself this Friday, something he did with very short runs -7, 6 and 7 laps in FP1 and 6, 6 and 5 in FP2- to see if being more conservative with his physique he is capable of arrive better on Sunday at the race and be more competitive.

Another open front in Jerez was to face the passage through turn 3 of the circuit again, where the magnificent comeback in the race came to a halt nine months ago and broke his arm. It took three laps to be competitive at that point, it was about understanding that you did not have to speed out of Turn 2 to be able to do Turn 3 well. And both in FP1 and FP2 for that T1 was the best of the Honda and fifth overall.


“One of the points of this weekend was to go through there again. The first time logically with care and I am not going to deceive, I have taken 2-3 laps to pass normal on that site. After that I felt good and comfortable. At the end of the day I compared the data with the other Honda and at that point it was the fastest; in Mugello when that happened to me in the ugly fall I didn’t get it. Test passed for the weekend “


“We had raised with Alberto (Puig), Emilio (Alzamora) and Santi (Hernández) that this weekend we were going to change the strategy of Portimao to see if in this way we can arrive in better conditions on Sunday. Doing a few laps, saving energy, I am not trying to get more than what I feel with the new tire, to try We have ridden less and with new rubber I have ridden just enough to not wear out and tomorrow we have to do laps. Let’s see if this way I can feel better on Sunday than in Portimao “


“It is a bit related to the lack of hours on the motorcycle. I have the strength and that’s why in FP1 I was able to ride as I want, I didn’t manage myself and I did the lap with used even at the end. But in the afternoon on the back of my shoulder, where they operated on me, the triceps, I have it a little weaker and I notice a lack of strength there my position on the bike is not the same and shoulder discomfort comes. In Portimao I did not understand it and here I am managing it so as not to stress so much and feel better. I’m going to change the way I work a bit to go from less to more, from being conservative to having a more consistent physique during the weekend ”.


“I’m managing to finish Sunday’s race well. In Portimao I finished it by finishing it. the last laps I was only riding on the bike and here I hope to finish it in better shape “


From the beginning we know that here I would suffer at some points, there is a lot of hard braking to the right (in 1, 2 and 6,) but when I want to do a good lap, I do it. Maintain the position of the body when the pva fatigue related to the race pace arrives and what I don’t know is if I will have to slow down in some moments, even on Sunday, because if the race is very fast it will cost me more. You have to be cold, manage and not heat me up at the beginning and do your career ”.


“At Honda we are all working to evolve the bike, but at the moment this is not the case on my side of the box, in our case the limitations come from the physical part. The sensations are good and I understand more about what happens on the bike than in Portimao and the sensations at some points of the circuit begin to be identically the same as before, but at certain points of the circuit I lose a lot due to the position on the bike and for lack of strength. It takes time, the ideal would be to do it alone on one circuit, but we have to do it during the season with other riders on the track “