Marc Gasol learns from Quentin Tarantino’s cinema: ‘I’m comfortable in my role as Mr. Lobo’ with the Lakers

“Hi, I’m Mr. Lobo, I solve problems.” A) Yes Marc Gasol is seen inside the Los Angeles Lakers of LeBron James and Anthony Davis after having gone into the background with the signing of Andre Drummond for the reigning champions.

In a Hollywood reference of the highest order, quoting the famous character Quentin Tarantino in ‘Pulp Fiction’, the Catalan pivot claimed his figure in the Los Angeles team after being the best player on the court in his 17 minutes of play against the Denver Nuggets.

With 10 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and a PIR +17, the best record of the game, Marc reappeared with L.A. to help seal the Los Angeles’ second win in last eight games.

After the crash, Inside Sant Boi referred to his role as Mr. Lobo in Los Angeles. The role is not even painted, and his reference has both a vindication and a wake-up call to his coach and his teammates.


Mr. Tarantino Wolf is a polite and controlled guy who appears out of nowhere to solve problems impossible. To do it He leads by example and is demanding of himself and all the other people involved in the task at hand.

“I am comfortable in my role as Mr. Lobo, you enter the game when things are not going too well”Marc explained at the post-match press conference. “You try to help everyone. I accept my role and I will try to do my best ”.

In a Lakers imbued in the fight to avoid the play-in tournament prior to the playoffs, Gasol wanted to lead the narrative in Los Angeles towards a team effort that surpasses individualities:

“I think we should start thinking as a team instead of mentioning specific guys. It’s about knowing what we are as a team and what we want to be. It doesn’t matter if you play 0 minutes or 20 minutes. The success of the team is of each player of the team. You have to forget the situations of each person and think about the group ”.

Frank vogel, who receives one or two questions every week about Marc’s situation, once again gave generalities but recognized the great impact of the pivot on the good defensive performance of the team.

“We have a deep team, and everyone must always be prepared. Wes [Matthews] and Marc are two of the best defensive players we have, having them inside has set a good tone for the team, “said the L.A. coach.

On the pairing against Nikola Jokic, the main candidate for the MVP of the season, Vogel also wanted to highlight the work of the Catalan: “Marc has come in and has done a spectacular job in defense against the Joker, and in attack making things easier.”

The praise, despite the losing streak of some Lakers who are fifth with a game on the margin in the fight to avoid the seventh place that the Blazers occupy, do not assure Marc more minutes.

He, like Mr. Lobo, will not complain when called to sweep up the broken dishes of others.