Marañón: ‘This will go ahead with work and sacrifice’

Rafa Marañón, the still top scorer In the history of Espanyol in official matches, it became one of the few positive news in the Spanish environment in recent days on Tuesday. He is one of the new advisers.

Marañón, the entity’s social ambassador and president of the Veterans Association, will now join the Board of Directors, a charge that was announced yesterday. The former footballer, one of the club’s most popular legends due to his close and familiar disposition, is clear about the formula to return to First Division.

“We have that humility enough to understand that this is going to go forward based on work and sacrifice ”, has declared to the club’s official media. And he assures that “I will do everything possible to make this work and go well.”

Marañón has also been grateful to President Chen for having trusted him, after insisting on his love for the blue and white colors.

“I think I have represented the club for many years, first as a footballer, then as a former player and then as president of the (Veterans) Association. But also in the rocks and in the fans, who maintain their illusion. That is my way of expressing that I am going to fight for those things and those moments.“, has explained.

Remember, finally, his love story with Espanyol. “I came 45 years ago, Espanyol penetrated deep into me, and here I am. In this time, I have been and continue to be a member, I have been out of the club, and I have a special feeling for Espanyol because, not in vain, I have been at the foot of the canyon for so long, “he said.