Manuel Merino resigns as president of Peru, after less than a week in power

Merino announced this Sunday its resignation irrevocable“To the Presidency of Peru and has called for” peace and unity. ” This step opens the way to solution of the grave and deep crisis
politics that the country faces since he took power last Tuesday.

Merino has announced his resignation in a message on national television, TVPE, just minutes after the Congress invite you to give up while summoning a full
extraordinary to find a constitutional way out of the crisis and find a successor to the resigned president.


The announcement of the resignation has been received with applause in the streets, where thousands of citizens continued with the protests to request his exit from the Government Palace.

Two young men die during protests

Merino resigns after two
young boys died this Saturday night in Lime by shots, allegedly by the police, in the protests that have been carried out against the president since his election. Merino has not lasted nor a
week in office.

Likewise, it has affirmed that the facts must be “profoundly investigated by the corresponding instances “and has ensured that there are” groups interested in producing chaos Y violence”.

“I know that some ask for my resignation, I am a statesman and I am aware that there cannot be a power vacuum,” Merino said before announcing his resignation. “In no way will there be a power vacuum,” he insisted, guaranteeing that the elections presidential would be held on April 11 next year, as planned.

A week of street protests

Thousands of people star since this Monday massive
marches throughout Peru in rejection of the transitional government chaired by Congressman Manuel Merino after the dismissal from Martin
Vizcarra of the Head of State.

The mess in the streets reached its peak this Saturday, when tens of thousands of Peruvians coordinated only through social networks, without leaders or spokespersons, and the death from two
young boys.