Manu García: ‘I had the feeling that I was going to continue’

Former Deportivo Alavés player Manu García admitted this Thursday that he was not prepared to receive the news that he was not going to continue and “had the feeling that” he was going to do so, but he understood that “decisions are based on many parameters and those who make them have all the information ”.

After nine seasons at his hometown club, the midfielder said goodbye in an emotional press conference and explained that they communicated the decision in person in a talk that lasted for an hour. “I felt strong enough to continue helping, but I have to respect the decision, “he said.

“They have been hard and sad days. I read things, laugh and cry: with a towel, because a piece of paper is not good for me. I’m sorry to finish this stage ”, assured Manu García, who endured the tears, but not the members of his family who sheltered him, along with the Vitorian footballers Martin Aguirregabiria, first team player, and Einar Galilee, on loan to Croatian NK Istra.

The most important player of the last decade of Alaves, With 308 games behind him (second in the history of Albiazul), he received two closed and lasting ovations from the attendees, when he finished his opening speech and when the act concluded.

He stated that when he arrived at Alavés he fulfilled “The dream that every child in Vitoria had” and that same day I was thinking about how the end would be. Today, nine seasons, two promotions and 19 goals later, he is aware that he deserved “a farewell with the public but it could not be”, although he promised to do so and for now he will respond to all the expressions of affection received in the last through of social networks.

“I will not feel the same in another club”, said the eternal captain that I do not hesitate to affirm that in this time he has had “a tremendous personal and professional evolution.”

“I have overcome obstacles and it has been a luck and a pride to wear the captain’s armband “, stressed the Basque footballer, who added that he tried to do so” with responsibility and humility “.

Manu García felt “proud, satisfied and happy” to have given himself to the team of his life. There have been so many important moments that the Vitorian could not keep any of them, although he remembered important goals such as those of the promotions to First; what happened in Jaén so as not to be relegated to Second Division B or the final of the Copa del Rey. “I am fortunate to have collected many moments,” he commented.

He is aware that over time he will value more what he has achieved because “in the day to day it is difficult to value it”. For him so far captain albiazul It was “essential to leave the team in the First Division” and he stressed that the affection of the people has been “overwhelming”.

He also criticized himself. “I have been very demanding in my environment and hard at times, but I have always reciprocated”, he pointed out and assured that what they have achieved with Alavés “is unattainable and exceeds all expectations.”

Revealed that it was “It is a responsibility to wear the captain’s armband, although he was satisfied because he has done it “in a mature period”. In the same way, he made it clear that the captaincy is in good hands because, in his opinion, Victor Laguardia Y Fernando Pacheco placeholder image “They feel Alavés as much as I do” and he pointed to Martin Aguirregabiria as another of the successors because “he is qualified to lead Alavés in the next decade.”

At 35 he does not think about retirement and his intention is to continue playing because he feels capable and warned that if it is his turn to return to Mendizorroza he will compete as the best and will not give up “not a millimeter” at a time that, if it happened, would be “nice”.

In the thank you chapter, he did not want to forget anyone. He remembered the fans in the first place, his family and the presidents. “Thanks to Josean Querejeta because I have always been able to have a coffee with him and discuss the future of Alavés ”, he pointed out. Nor did he forget the club’s leaders, sports directors, colleagues and workers.

Manu García was supported by the president of Alavés, Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz, who acknowledged that the player’s departure “was a difficult decision to make” because Manu “is an example of loyalty and loyalty to some colors, to the club.” “You are living history, you are a legend”He added and left the club’s doors open “forever.” “The history of Alavés without Manu Garcia would not be the history of Alavés,” added the maximum representative from Albiazul.

For his part, club sports director, Sergio Fernández, He confessed that it was “the most bitter press conference” that he has had to hold in his entire professional career and said it was a decision “based solely and exclusively on the sports field.”

“You have inoculated me with what Deportivo Alavés means. I hope it is a point and followed and if you wish you will have me as an unconditional friend and admirer, “he said in an appearance that drew applause from the public and the mass media.