‘Manchester United have signed Cavani at the wrong time’

Mark Hugues, former player of Manchester United, I speak of Edinson cavani in ‘Sky Sports’. The Welshman considers that “the United it has a lot of quality on top, like Rashford Y Greenwood, but maybe they need to Cavani from five years ago, when he was in his pomp. Maybe they got hold of it at the wrong time. “

Even so, he commented that “he is still a fantastic center forward. When I see him play for this team, I think he gives them a goal to focus on and they have the confidence to give him the ball so that things happen around them.

And he added that “in reality is that Rashford Y GreenwoodBesides Martial, they want to play positions away from the center. Rashford and Martial prefer to play on the left, Greenwood on the right and although they have all played in the center at some point, it seems that none of them want to be there.

Asked about interest in Haaland and Kane, said that “they are the type of players they need, although it will all depend on how much skill United has to go to the market and get hold of them.”