Manchester United deny letting Old Trafford fans pass

The Manchester United denied that club employees allowed fans to enter Old trafford, which degenerated into the suspension of the match against Liverpool, and noted that it was “a criminal activity.”

The English club issued a statement a day after 200 fans stormed the stadium in protest at the family’s management Glazer, the owners of the club, and their role in the European Super League.

“There have been rumors in the media and on social media that protesters entered the stadium through a door opened by club employees. This is totally incorrect,” United said in a statement.

“After passing the barriers outside the field and the security perimeter, some people raised the doors at the end of the Munich tunnel (one of the entrances to the stadium), forced access to the side door of the stands, before opening a door exterior that allowed the rest to enter the field “.

“A second leak of fans occurred when one broke a door, they allowed access to an elevator for the disabled,” he added.

The fans ‘took’ Old Trafford

The club said it will not punish peaceful protesters, but will work with the police to identify those involved in criminal activities, in addition to imposing sanctions on those who are subscribers of the team.