Manchester United away from Tottenham to Kane

Unless Daniel levy show off your steadfastness this afternoon Kane he is a little further away from Tottenham than yesterday. The striker does not want a year without the Champions League and his team is walking towards that stage, increasingly removed from fourth place. United went from less to more in a clash in which they confirmed their revenge in London. Meritorious comeback with a bit of Fred and another from Cavani, which serve as a way to put the future of Mourinho questioned (1-3).

It is not worth only with talent to play with Luso. Neither with Solskjaer. Afternoon of struggle in London, with more space for workers footballers than for others with stars. Tottenham’s work largely extinguished Bruno fernandes in a locked game, unable to reel the United game. With the Portuguese out of combat and with Rashford in the right-handed profile, the Norwegian coach jettisoned a first half marked by two moments.

From the start, the 0-1 annulled to Cavani. Invention Pogba a move typical of a trilero, skilled in hiding the ball until it was handed over to the Uruguayan. However, the VAR entered to warn the referee of a small previous touch of McTominay in the face of They are. Enough to deny United their minute of glory. Shortly after, the South Korean took advantage of a serious mistake by Lindelöf behind. He failed to clear a pass from Kane to Lucas moura and the Brazilian found They are: 1-0.

In two scenes the first episode of a meeting between two teams that share many things was summarized, more loose with time and place to run. More persistent, United went for the draw against Tottenham who defended tooth and nail. Cries repelled a good shot from McTominay Y Rodon He did not lose sight of Cavani, always on the lookout for the goal. The box Solskjaer had minutes with a constant filtering with 1-1. It did not took her long to arrive.

At the edge of the area they gathered Bruno fernandes, McTominay Y Cavani, as insightful as Fred, who flocked a rebound in the area to tie. Everything at the first touch, more precise than a Tottenham that all fears entered. United went for the comeback. Cries held up Mourinho For a while. Suddenly the party went from one side to the other, hyperactive, revolutionized. It was a give and take between a team in need of getting closer to the Champions League and another wanting revenge.

The one who sought a reckoning prevailed. United did not forget the 1-6 at Old Trafford and penalized Tottenham with a cross from the newly entered Greenwood to Cavani, who did not spare his head either. Brilliant the battering ram, whom he has to convince Solskjaer for it to stay. He even had time to avoid the tie of Sissoko, last service to a patient and mature team that put the signature to its triumph with a great definition of Greenwood after excellent driving of Pogba. United away Kane Tottenham.


Tottenham, 1

Lloris; Aurier; Rodon, Dier, Reguilón; Hojbjerg, Ndombelé (Lamela, 78 ‘); Lo Celso (Sissoko, 61 ‘), Lucas Moura (Bale, 82’), Son; Kane

Coach: José Mourinho

Manchester United, 3

Henderson; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelöf, Maguire, Shaw; McTominay, Fred; Pogba, Bruno Fernandes (Matic, 90 ‘), Rashford (Greenwood, 71’); Cavani

Coach: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Goals: 1-0, Son (40 ‘), 1-1, Fred (57’), 1-2, Cavani (79 ‘), 1-3, Greenwood (95’)

Referee: Chris Kavanagh. He admonished McTominay (18 ‘), Cavani (41’), Fred (48 ‘), Shaw (67’), Maguire (70 ‘), Sissoko (91’)