Manchester City’s 1×1

Ederson Panoramic

The Brazilian is much more than a goalkeeper. A masterful pass into space was invented, the origin of Mahrez’s 1-0. The first constructor.

Walker Void

It may be better or worse, but the wear cannot be denied to join the attack and to lend a hand back.

Tender Stones

He allowed himself to win the occasional auction and was not at the same height as Rúben Dias, although those are bigger words. The rulings were of no consequence.

Rúben Dias Muro

He neither scores goals nor appears in the best repetitions, but he is the great bulwark of the rear. Life insurance. City owes him almost everything because he saved two shots with his soul.

Effervescent Zinchenko

The referee wanted to punish him for a hand in the area that he did not commit. The VAR came to his rescue. In the second half he brought out his best skills as a defense.

Fernandinho Maestro

Despite the fact that he turned 36 yesterday, Guardiola chose to give him the title instead of Rodri. Old dog for an unappetizing night. He did everything right and caused the red of Di María.

Bernardo Silva Hook

He has the gift of knowing how to move judiciously throughout the field, an invaluable partner for anyone.

Gündogan Off

At times he seemed confused, canceled during the first half.

Opportunist Mahrez

Live your best moment as a City footballer. It has deserved to take the spotlights of the tie. He has everything, crowned with the opening goal and the one who sentenced the dream of a PSG who could not put fences against the Algerian.

Sacrificed Foden

Exquisite with the ball, although his game was summarized through some sporadic play. He had to be a support for a long time in defense but ended up giving Mahrez 2-0.

De Bruyne Enthusiast

It appears out of nowhere, undetectable for PSG. In a game with less control, he knew how to move like a fish in water on the counterattack.

Forgotten Sterling

He is the footballer that Guardiola has to recover. You have lost faith in him.

Aguero Awarded

Guardiola wanted to have the detail that he played a few last minutes at the Etihad in the Champions League.

Gabriel Jesus Intrascendent

Came in at the end and barely got to touch the ball