Maluma’s taunt to Neymar after ‘stealing’ his girlfriend

Everything was going well between Maluma and Neymar. Singer and footballer boasted of their friendship all over the world. Even the ‘reggaetonero’ was in charge of putting the music at that mythical ‘Ney’ birthday party in Paris in which everyone had to wear red.

until Natalia Barúlich appeared, you may wonder who it is. Well, Natalia is a famous American DJ and model. But that is not why we are interested. But because it was Maluma’s partner and
It ended up being Neymar’s.

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As they read it. Apparently, Natalia and the footballer would have met precisely through the artist and could not have prevented the attraction. And obviously the pretty friendship between the Colombian and the Brazilian it broke At this precise moment.

Despite having passed a few months of that, Maluma not forgotten and now has launched a poisoned dart to his friend during his last interview for ‘Cosmopolitan’: “Who do you prefer, Neymar or Messi? “they have asked him.

“That is tough, but I’m always more of a ‘fan’ of Messi “, has responded without mincing words. Will Neymar also make fun of him this time as he already did with his PSG teammates after the move to the Champions League ‘semis’?

This is the explosive Natalia Barúlich

Neymar had already made fun of Maluma