Mallorca keep the dream of direct promotion alive

Abdón Prats and two rebound goals they keep alive the dream of the direct ascent of the Majorca, which won 2-1 to Mirandés in Son Moix suffering after the Frenchman’s goal Näis Djouahra in the final stretch.

Prats he scored 1-0 with the collaboration of a defender from the Burgos team, and participated decisively in Dani Vivian’s own goal, also caused by the Balearic forward.

The victory gives the vermilion a break after two consecutive defeats in Castellón and Sabadell; In addition, they see their advantage extended to 8 points in the long-awaited return after Almería’s draw against Oviedo.

The Burgos team did not shrink in the first half hour and kept the Majorcan players at bay, without creating great chances but also without losing sight of the goal of Manolo Reina.

Mallorca, with its coach Luis Garcia Plaza serving the first of the two sanction games for protesting last day in Sabadell (his second, Pedro Rostoll, sat on the bench), he had problems imposing his game.

However, he had the best chances against goal Lizoain. Abdon prats (min. 14) got in the way with his teammate Amath and thwarted a goal sung after Salva Sevilla’s mischief by taking a free-kick quickly and enabling Joan Sastre, whose center was not taken advantage of by the Mallorcan striker.

Prats, who was off the pitch for a few minutes due to a blow to his ankle, made up for that failure by scoring the goal that gave his team an advantage two minutes before the end of the first half.

The Spaniard had the involuntary collaboration of the visiting defense in his eighth goal of the season, in addition, the Mirandés players claimed a previous foul that the referee dismissed.

Prats also had luck on his side in the second Majorcan goal (min. 51). The ball entered the goal of the “rojillos” (today in blue) after bouncing off They lived.

Alberto López moved the bench in search of the reaction with a triple change (min. 61): Jiménez entered for Carlos Julio; Álex López for Jirka and Djouahra replaced Meseguer.

The effect had an immediate effect on the development of the meeting because Näis Djouahra he scored with a cross shot on the first ball he touched, rendering Reina’s stretch useless.

The goal filled the Burgos team in the game and forced Mallorca to take extreme precautions to avoid a draw on the scoreboard.

The vermilions were applied in defense until they won three valuable points that, in addition, multiplied their value in the battle for direct promotion after the puncture of the Almeria.

2 -Mallorca: Queen; Joan Sastre, Valjent, Raíllo (Russo, min. 55), Oliván; Antonio Sánchez (Cufré, min. 75), Sedlar, Salva Sevilla; Dani Rodríguez, Abdón Prats (Junior Lake, min. 75), Amath.

1 -Mirandés: Lizoain; Victor, Vivian, Berrocal, Martínez; Meseguer, Javi Muñoz, Jirka, Jackson (Simón, min, 79), Martínez (Ezzarfani, min, 79); Cristo González.

Goals: 1-0, min. 43: Abdon Prats; 2-0, min. 51: They lived on their own doorstep; 2-1, min. 64: Djouahra

Referee: López Toca (Cantabrian Committee). He admonished Berrocal, Vivian, Víctor del Mirandés; Dani Rodríguez, Junior Lake of Mallorca.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-seventh day of the SmartBank League played at the Visit Mallorca Estadi without an audience in the stands due to the Covid-19 pandemic