Maksimovic warns Atlético: ‘The curse is going to end one day’

Irreplaceable for Jose Bordalás, fixed pawn in the center of the field with the Uruguayan Mauro Arambarri, Nemanja Maksimovic (Banja Koviljaca, Serbia, 1995) has given balance for three seasons to a team that will have to stand up to the leader this weekend, the
Atlético de Madrid

In an interview with the EFE Agency, Maksimovic analyzed a key match for the future of LaLiga and stated that the Diego Simeone Y Jose Bordalás bear many similarities, which hopes to end the curse of the Athletic.

These are things that happen in football. One day that is going to end and we hope it will be this Saturday, that we score and get a point or three, which is going to mean a lot to us. It will not be easy, but we are convinced that we are going to achieve something, “said the player in reference to the fact that the Azulón team has not won or scored against the mattress team for a decade.

The Balkan sees similarities between the two rivals. “We are similar teams at stake. But they have more level. We have not marked them for many games. In the first leg we were good but we weren’t able to score. Now at this moment they are in a great state of form, but we have the ability to score points and we are going to give everything to change this bad streak that we have against them, “he told EFE.

He also sees similarities between his coaches, Simeone Y Bordalás: “Yes. They are two coaches who are very similar in their style of play and in how their teams work in training. They are two magnificent coaches ”.

The player expects a “very physical” match. “They like to run, push and the second plays are going to be very important. Whoever wins them, will win the game, “he said to end by pointing out that the Athletic It is a showcase equal to that of the Real Madrid or Barça: “Of course, since the Cholo, now is a team that is at the level to fight with Barcelona Y Real Madrid. It is one of the big three of Spain”.