Madrid, before the final of the League or the end of a cycle

The Madrid will end more than the season against him Villarreal on the last day of League, regardless of whether it ends up revalidating the title or, on the contrary, ends the course blank and with nothing to put in your mouth. The team of Zidane He has resisted the unspeakable to arrive with options of alirón to the last day. The 11 cases of covid have reduced the workforce, but what is really worrying has been the plague of injuries (almost 60) that has hit the white group, punished in a final section of the course that has reached with the tongue out.

The box Zidane face the duel against him Villarreal as what it really is: a final. Although they are at the expense of what the Athletic, which depends on himself and winning the Valladolid he will be champion, the whites trust in his possibilities and are focused on doing his job. But beyond the capital importance of the duel, the match against him Villarreal takes on a very symbolic and special look because it could be the end of several team members. The aroma of farewell spreads in the sports city of Valdebebas.

Zidane and Ramos, two legends with an uncertain future

The name that is on everyone’s lips is Zinedine
Zidane. The French coach has not yet confirmed whether he will leave at the end of the season or when his contract ends in 2022. The decision keeps him in suspense Florentino Pérez, with his hands tied to expedite the planning of the next season. The Marseille coach is one of the most important emblems in the history of the club and within Real Madrid they remember what happened when he left the bench. Madrid by surprise after lifting his third Champions consecutive in Kiev.

The other legend of Madrid who could say goodbye is Sergio Ramos. The white captain has rejected the renewal offer that the club has transferred to him because he considers that for performance and status he deserves something more. Florentino Pérez It offers him a one-year contract with an optional one with a 10% token reduction, but the central requests two years. 40 days after the end of their contractual relationship, Ramos still does not comment and the club is not optimistic.

Meanwhile, the camero rushes his options to play the game against him Villarreal in what has been the worst of his 16 seasons in the Madrid. Bouquets He has only played 21 games because of the coronavirus and injuries and his presence on Luis Enrique’s list for the Eurocup it is in the air.

Other secondary could say goodbye to Madrid

Another player who could pack his bags after the duel with him Villarreal it is Lucas Vazquez. The end of Curtis is on leave after being injured in the Classic and he has not been able to put the finishing touch to his great season, where he has played the majority of games in the right-back position due to Dani’s continuous ailments Carvajal. Luke The contract also ends in June and so far it has not accepted the renewal offers. The Galician enjoys a good poster in the Premier and in Italy and his name has sounded strongly to reinforce the Bayern Munich.

Nor does Marcelo have a guaranteed place in the squad in the 2021/22 campaign. The Brazilian’s performance has plummeted since 2018 and the white club does not rule out giving him the freedom letter to leave for free (the Juve is the great suitor) and thus save his high token. In the entity they consider that the left-back position is very well covered for the present and for the future with Mendy Y Miguel Gutierrez and that has caused Marcelo to have the transferable poster.

Other secondary footballers could also live their last chapter as players of the Real Madrid against him Villarreal. Isco
Alarcon has not entered into the plans Zinedine Zidane this course and it is speculated that he will wait to know who will be the coach next season to make a decision about his future. If you follow French, you will most likely pack your bags.

Mariano Diaz he also has many numbers to leave the club. He has hardly played this season and after leaving on loan from Jovic to the Eintracht has not been able to take advantage of the few opportunities that it has offered Zinedine Zidane.