Madrid 4 M elections: how do I know where to go to vote

More than 5.1 million people are called to the polls on May 4 in the elections of the Community of Madrid. The electoral advance agreed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso has caused the elections to be held for the first time since 1987 on a working day.

To all this must be added the special protocols decreed on the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic with the establishment of time slots to go to the polls.

Hence the question of how do I know where I have to go to vote, which is asked by a large part of the population.

The traditional way to confirm the electoral college that corresponds to you is to go to one of the official public institutions for an official to clarify your doubts. This procedure can be carried out both at the Madrid City Council headquarters and at the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office, located at number 29 Trafalgar street, in the Chamberí neighborhood.

Another option is to call the Electoral Census telephone service. It is a recommended option for those groups at risk from the coronavirus who prefer not to expose themselves to the social contact of a public institution. The phone number is 901 101 900

The third possibility is to directly consult the electoral college that corresponds to you through the website of the National Institute of Statistics (INE). In this case, you must fill in the information about the town of residence, the street where your address is located and the initial of your last name. You can complete the procedure at this link.