Mackay: ‘The team is very solid’

The goal of Sabadell, Ian Mackay holds the ‘honor’Of being the goalkeeper with the most saves in the category. Mackay He explained this Wednesday that “the team is very solid. We are maintaining the clean sheet in several games and that’s the line to get the three points marking any occasion that we have ”.

The meta estimated that “Being on the decline is circumstantial“And he argued, commenting that” in the last eleven days we have only lost one game and it was against Espanyol that it could well have been a draw. “

The Galician goalkeeper answered a question about his partner Edgar who scored the penalty against Albacete on the last day. “Edgar he is an incredible player. A forward that I always want to have in my team. Hopefully on Sunday he scores the goal in Malaga that will give us victory ”, he explained.

On Malaga, Sunday’s rival, He stated that “they have changed their way of playing with respect to the first round where they beat us in a match that the most fair thing was a draw.” Take the opportunity to “Send encouragement to Chavarría that he has a serious injury and I hope he comes back as soon as possible ”.