Mabel Lozano: ‘Footballers could send a message of responsibility’

The producer, screenwriter and director of social cinema Mabel lozano (Villaluenga de la Sagra, 1967) has returned to bookstores with his new work ‘PornoXploitation‘, A collaboration with the research expert Pablo J. Conellie that collects eight real testimonies that denounce the harshness of the porn business.

At what point did you leave behind your role as an actress?

If I had lived in Madrid, I would have been a film director before. I am from a very small town and it was difficult for me. When I started studying film, I met a victim of trafficking. Now I have been behind the camera for 15 years and I use cinema as a tool for social transformation. In this case, against the trafficking and exploitation of human beings. I am not only a director but also an activist.

In 2017 you write your first book.

I took out ‘El Pimp’, a book that tells the first-person story of one of the great Spanish pimps. I made a documentary about him too and now I’m releasing the second important book with Pablo.

How did the idea come about?

He is a police friend with whom I have shared hundreds of lectures on trafficking. When we met, he was doing a master’s degree in cyberterrorism and he was researching pornography. I have found pornography. Years ago in Colombia, where I do many conferences to train police officers, I heard for the first time the whole topic of webcam models. From there, I started researching and it took us four years to write this book.

What will readers find in ‘PornoXplitación’?

There are 8 real testimonies that are highly documented. We have both thrown ourselves into this work. It is a very hard but very pedagogical book. It offers parents tools to deal with this new social virus. The impact of pornography on young people is absolutely brutal.

Would you say that it is a taboo subject in our society?

People find porn quite innocuous, there is no knowledge of reality. It is a phenomenon that leaves victims on one side and the other of the screen. On the one hand, there are the increasingly young consumers who are unaware that pornography is addictive, because it generates dopamine. A kid who starts out consuming three minutes, ends up consuming three hours and ends up consuming his life. On the other hand, he exploits many women and girls. Right now the most fashionable thing is live sex.

At what age does porn consumption start in Spain?

Typically, a kid starts watching porn the moment they have a mobile device and have access to the internet. In Spain one of the usual gifts that a child has when making communion is a mobile and that is at nine years old. Pornography has never been as accessible as it is now. That is the problem, it is not regulated.

What is your proposal to protect minors?

Tools must be put in place so that they do not reach such violent content. Pornography generates violence and has a lot of content that is recorded in an illicit way.

In the book they say that “poverty is a lethal weapon against women.”

It’s something I’ve seen in the 15 years I’ve shot. Poverty is a weapon against any human being and especially against women, who are the most vulnerable.

Does society see an adult film actor the same as an actress?

The actor is admired and the actress has the stigma of prostitution. There are many men who volunteer for free to do it. On the other hand, there are many actresses who commit suicide precisely because of that stigma.

In some countries they sell pornography as a good job.

I travel a lot to Latin America. What I saw is that the serious Colombian newspapers sell it as an outlet. You can do it at home, you don’t get infected, you just need a computer … What they don’t say is that to monetize it you need a studio and a platform. They sell it as something virtual but it is not true because what the woman does with her body is real and that is why it is called ‘Prostitution 2.0’. You are selling your body for money.

What do you think about the webcamer university of Colombia?

It is a shame. The Ministry of Culture has not recognized it as a university but it is advertised as such. It is private and assures the girls that they are going to be famous, that they are going to earn a lot of money …

In which city in Spain is the most porn produced?

Barcelona is one of the great venues in Spain. It is difficult to talk about the industry because what we have found is that many actors, actresses, webcamers, are not registered anywhere. There may be one or two, those that appear in the press, but the vast majority are not.

Is consumption very high in the country?

It is very high all week except Sundays. On Sunday, porn consumption goes down.

Would it be helpful for athletes to give visibility to this social problem?

It would be very good for athletes to give parents messages on how to protect minors, to promote parental control tools so that this does not harm them because it is very violent. Children do not have the head to see such harsh images. The footballers, who are references for the kids, could help educate on equality. The consumption of porn has to have a responsibility and an age. They are images that reproduce roles in which the woman is the object and the man the subject. That hurts them.