Lyon ask Ligue 1 to back down on its decision

The Olympique de Lyon still in his thirteen with the season to continue. So much so that the French club issued a statement on its website in which it asked the Ligue 1 to rectify his decision and back down, in order to end the league.

“How can we guarantee that all French clubs can finish the year without going bankrupt? How to fight with our foreign competitors who, for the vast majority, have chosen to wait with caution to relaunch their championship? How can the gap between French football and all other major European countries be further widened? ”Are questions Lyon asked in its statement.

“There is time until May 25 to go back and avoid a major defeat in the French championship“Continues the statement, which is in line with the statements it has released Jean-Michel Classrooms.

Ligue 1 was ended on April 28

However, one of the great reasons why the Lyon It is because he is seventh this season and, if things stay that way, he will end up outside the Champions League next season, which could have serious consequences, such as the loss of players.

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