Lydia Lozano confesses, tearfully, the drama she is suffering

Lydia lozano has opened this week in ‘Sálvame’ and has confessed to Jorge Javier Vázquez that there is a family theme that has her very overwhelmed. “I think there is something that is escaping us, something that you are facing outside of the program,” hinted the presenter.

The collaborator of the program asked him if it was because he sees her that she is “on the surface”: “It is not normal for me to cry every two by three ”. “It’s not fear, I don’t know what it is …”, he added.

Lydia Lozano collapses in ‘Sálvame’.

But the host of ‘Save me’ knew exactly what it was that had her so worried: “I think that right now we are all especially concerned about our mothers”. “What happens to you is what happens to everyone, many people have that fear in their bodies,” he specified.

“I am much more sensitive”

“Could be,” Lydia replied, collapsing. And, after ensuring that he did not want to talk about it, Jorge Javier got it to open: “Outside of here I always have to be in a ten of spirits and try not to be worried. I am always the one who is higher, on the highest level of laughter, but I am much more sensitive and I get it here ”.

Already recomposed, the collaborator explained that the first thing she thinks to do with her mother when all this happens is go to La Palma.

“Anything that falls for me, I don’t want there to be any problem for the rest. Charly tells me that nothing is going to happen, but it is fear of the unknown, “added Lydia with her heart pounding.

His problem with the Bosé

Another issue that has made Lydia cry this beginning of the year is the attitude of Paola Dominguín, Miguel Bosé’s sister, in ‘Deluxe’, where she assured that the television collaborator is not a friend of her family even if she says it and said she was tired of him bragging about it.

“I will not talk about this person anymore in my lifeThe worst thing was what she said about cleaning when she had greeted me warmly at the hairdresser. I don’t want to know anything about her. What have I done to him? I haven’t done anything to this lady! ”Lydia responded this Thursday in ‘Save me’.