Lunay: ‘My team is Barça, but my dream is to make a collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo’

With his latest album, ‘El Niño’, fresh out of the oven Lunay has wanted to be with Sports world and make yourself known a little more to your Spanish audience. The Puerto Rican declares ‘Fan’ of FC Barcelona, but confesses that his dream would be to make a collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“El Niño dreadora” and always “ready” to score the goal (in his time as soccer player he played as a forward) had to put football aside a bit to take music more seriously. Still, he thanks “God, his family, his team and the fans” that although he could not fill stadiums by kicking a ball, he now does so with his music.

Lunay dedicates a ‘freestyle’ to the followers of Mundo Deportivo