Luka Romero monopolizes covers in Argentina

Another flea. This is how Diario Olé defines Luka Romero, a footballer from Mallorca who made history against Real Madrid by becoming the youngest player in LaLiga to play a First Division match with only 15 years and 219 days.

Mallorca’s Argentine striker, Luka Romero (c), tucked in by his teammates

The talent, born in Mexico but with Argentine nationality, monopolizes covers in Argentina, where the Diario Olé dedicates its first page to it. The South American newspaper comments on his complexion, his left foot and that he idolizes Messi.

Romero’s irruption has generated a stir in Argentina, which is excited by the promise of having a new Messi when he decides to hang up his boots. Due to its characteristics – short, left-handed and fast – they do not hesitate to compare it with the largest, although it is still somewhat soon to do so and calculate where this young player can go.

Luka Romero, protagonist of the cover of Diario Olé
Luka Romero, protagonist of the cover of Diario Olé