Luisfro launches together with Funambulista ‘Velocity’, the first ‘single’ from his new album

After leading the Attacked band, LuisFro begins his solo career with the help of ‘Speed’, single preview of what will be his debut album.

‘Speed’ it is a powerful, intimate theme. A ballad written with Gonzalo Hermida (Malú, Antonio José, India Martínez…) that connects directly with human emotions. For this topic, LuisFro It has been done accompany of the popular singer-songwriter Tightrope walker, veteran of the songwriter.


The song, recorded in Madrid at the end of 2020, talks about the emotional barriers that we raise when connecting with feelings, be it love, inspiration, motivation or any emotion that exposes us in some way. Gonzalo Hermida in charge of the production, is responsible for the sound atmosphere of the song, which mixes Classic organic pop sounds with innovative contemporary arrangements.

The accompanying tape is an emotional tribute to the absent public, the one who fills theaters and halls and who – with his applause – elevates the artist whatever his discipline (music, theater, dance …). The video was filmed in January 2021 at the Carranque Theater, one of the thousands of cultural venues that are dying with culture in a pandemic.

Learn more about Luisfro:

Are you a sports fan?

Of course!

Do you practice any?

I usually train in the gym and when I can (much less than I would like) I play basketball, I ride my bike, climbing, skiing, paddle tennis …

What team are you?

From “Beti”

With which athlete would you like to collaborate?

Rafael Nadal. It may sound typical, but it seems like a phenomenon to me.

What great sporting event would you like to hymn?

The NFL final, without a doubt.

What stadium would you like to fill?

It would have been great to do it in the mythical Vicente Calderón, but hey, I am satisfied with the Wanda. What can we do…

If you had to dedicate yourself to one sport, what would it be?


With which athlete do you feel most identified?

My biggest idol was always Michael Jordan.