Luis Suárez wants to recover the gunpowder at home

Luis Suarez he was the owner again with him Atlético de Madrid almost a month later. The last time the Uruguayan started home was on April 4 at the Sánchez Pizjuán against the Seville, a clash that ended with discomfort that prevented him from playing the following commitments. He reappeared in Bilbao, where he had half an hour in which he hardly intervened.

At the Martínez Valero, Suarez it was like the whole team, from more to less. He enjoyed a very clear chance in the first half after a great combination with strap, but the forward defined poorly, something unusual for him. Then, he saw a goal disallowed for offside after a pass from Llorente. And in the second half, he scored another goal but was also annulled for being in an illegal position. Two goals disallowed and a third that could have come if the VAR had not corrected a penalty signaled by Melero Lopez

He was substituted in the absence of ten minutes for the conclusion of the crash, and as usual, it did not sit too well. The game was 0-1 and could not find the goal again. You have to go back to March 21 to find the last goal achieved by the ‘Pistolero‘, Against Alavés in the Metropolitano. A ‘target’ that was worth three points for the mattress team.

Obviously, the injury he suffered after the Pizjuán game has had him in the dry dock for several weeks but the truth is that in the last ten games he has played, he has only scored three goals, the same number of days that he accumulates without seeing the door . It is installed in the worst dynamics of the course.

His best streak of the season is between December 19 and February 8. During this time, his goals supported the team. He achieved 11 goals in just nine games, with four doubles against Elche, Eibar, Cádiz and Celta.

Suárez will try to meet again with the goal on Saturday in a very special date for him, as he returns home, to Camp Nou, to face Barcelona. A clash that has between eyebrows for all that it implies on an emotional level and for how much will be at stake and because in the first round he could not face his former team after catching coronavirus during a concentration of the Uruguayan team.