Luis Suárez, to Lucas Vázquez: ‘Are you going to complain after last year’s La Liga?’

One of the images of the Madrid derby that was played yesterday at the Metropolitano was the discussion between Luis Suárez and Lucas Vázquez as they went to the locker room at break. Movistar Plus cameras captured the conversation between the two players, with Beautiful mario as a guest in the final section of the dialogue.

The Uruguayan, faced with the Madridista’s complaints about the referee’s performance, told him: “Are you going to complain after last year’s La Liga? It has kid cloth ”. Lucas Vázquez did not shut up and replied: “If you don’t, you won’t win. Either we lose it or you don’t win it ”, he replied. “And how did you win it?” Insisted the rojiblanco forward.

At the end of the discussion he entered Beautiful mario who did not hesitate to tell Lucas Vázquez, “we eat you, we eat you”, accompanying the phrase with a gesture with his hand. Something that the Real Madrid player who faced him did not like-