Luis Suárez: ‘The defender I have had the worst time against? Araújo ‘

He is one of those strikers that any coach would like to have on their squad. The Colombian Luis Suarez (Santa Marta, December 2, 1997) combines talent and discipline, a mixture that has led him to the elite of soccer. After going through Valladolid, Tarragona (Nastic) and SaragossaLast summer he returned to Granada, the first European city to see his football, and this Wednesday he will be one of the troops with whom Diego Martínez wants to make things difficult for Barça. He spoke with Mundo Deportivo about this game and much more.

He has recently returned after missing almost two months of competition due to injury. How are you?

Well. Being out for two months is very difficult for any player, but I am improving with each training session. I was back in time to play at Old Trafford, which for me is one of the three best stadiums in the world.

Do you think about repeating playing in Europe soon or does Granada’s goal in the coming years have to be to stay?

We know that this year has been very nice, but our priority is to continue in First Division and that is what we focus on.

How do you see Barça? Do you think the favorite for the title in LaLiga?

This Barça de Koeman is a recognizable team that knows what it plays. Very solid defensively, and we already know the differences that his players make at the top.

This Barça de Koeman is a recognizable team that knows what it plays

They faced each other in the Cup and Granada went 2-0 in favor. How do you beat this Barça?

I think taking the game where we want to take it. Being very focused from start to finish, because in the Cup match he escaped us in the blink of an eye. That day we learned the lesson so that it does not repeat itself.

Messi aside, who do you think is the most important player in this Barça?

De Jong, for all that he contributes, both in defense and setting up the team and reaching finishing areas many times.

In what position on the field do you feel best?

My natural position is that of a center forward, but fortunately I can fulfill it in any position on the offensive field.

How would it be defined?

I am a powerful forward who likes to attack spaces and fall to the wings. I like to shoot diagonals and I am a footballer who always has the goal between eyebrows.

Luis Suárez, pressured by Papu Gómez during the Sevilla-Granada

Is it a blessing to have footballers with the experience of Soldado and Jorge Molina as teammates?

Totally. In any team there is healthy competition, but for me it is a fortune to share a dressing room with them because I learn things every day.

What would you highlight the most about them?

Róber (Soldier) is a mix between Jorge (Molina) and me. And about Jorge I really like what he gives the team in terms of movement and fluidity in the game. They are both very great forwards.

Diego Martinez. What about him?

He is a great person on and off the field and a great strategist who always gives the team what it needs.

Who was your idol in childhood?

He was and still is: Ronaldo Nazario.

We have to be focused from start to finish; in the Cup the match escaped us in the blink of an eye

What team were you on as a child?

I really liked Manchester United, Milan, Madrid and Barça, among others. He was not a fan of a specific team, but of good European football in general.

He arrived in Europe ‘via Granada’, to his lower categories. What does this club mean to you?

Going back was a goal he had in mind. When the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t think twice.

At what point were you aware that you were going to be a professional footballer?

Since childhood one struggles to move forward and get to this. When I made my debut in the Second Division of Colombia, I already began to see that I was serious, and when I made the leap to Europe it was clear to me that I had to fight to stay for a career and not be here just passing through.

Besides being talented, you are a soccer worker.

Yes, fighting is in my DNA. That has opened many doors for me here in Europe.

Who is your best friend in the world of football?

I have many, but I have gotten along very well, for example, with Carlos Vigaray in Zaragoza and with Fali in Tarragona.

Let’s imagine you are a coach. Who would you sign for your team?

I really like two players who complement each other very well in midfield, such as Eguaras and Javi Ros (Zaragoza). One an all-rounder and the other very good ball handling. They, always on my team.

Who is the defender who has had the worst time in a game?

Due to his characteristics, it was very difficult for me to attack Ronald Araújo. He is tall, strong, fast, and powerful.

My idol was and continues to be Ronaldo Nazario and my best friends in the world of football are Carlos Vigaray and Fali

Who is the best player in the world?

Leo Messi.

Is being with Colombia at the Qatar World Cup 2022 one of your great goals?

Yes, any Colombian player has it in mind. Wearing the shirt of your country in a World Cup must be very beautiful.

What does Luis Suárez do when he does not train or play soccer?

I try to be with my family a lot and the truth is that I also play the Play Station a lot.

FIFA or Call of Duty?

I am more of FIFA.

What do you think of your assessment in the video game?

I think I have 75 on average or something … For the first year in First, it is not bad.

Is he one of those crazy football fans 24 hours a day or one of those who manages to disconnect?

I try to watch the matches of the next rivals and I don’t miss the Champions League either, but without becoming obsessed with football.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I do not set any specific goal, but I see myself succeeding. I don’t want to put on a roof.