Luis Suárez: ‘Suffering? They tell you because of the Atleti motto, I didn’t think that much ‘

The Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez, author of the winning goal of the Atlético de Madrid against Osasuna (1-2) which allows them to continue depending on themselves to win the title, acknowledged that “to win the League you have to suffer” although he admitted that “he did not think that much” in a match in which they had to overcome the 0- 1 from Croatian In view of
Budimir for the Navarrese.

“I think we did not deserve to suffer as much as we ended up suffering because we had one of the best first times of the season, we missed many times, I in this case. You have to get used to the fact that to win the League you have to suffer and today was another game, “he said after the match at ‘Movistar LaLiga‘.

Asked if it was expected to experience such a level of suffering in the rojiblanco team, which was losing in the 75th minute and had it not come back, it would have been behind Real Madrid who won in Bilbao at Athletic (0-1), Suarez He admitted that he did not expect to reach this level.

“Everyone tells you because of the Atlético de Madrid motto, I didn’t think that much. But hey, the effort, the sacrifice that this team is making, with many people working to achieve the objectives … Now to enjoy, to be calm and to prepare for the week ”, he settled.

With this goal, he breaks a streak of five games and almost two months without scoring, since the goal he scored against Alavés on March 21 (1-0), a situation with which the forwards “have to be used to living together.”

“There are times when the striker is easier to lower his head, to lower himself, but I never identified with that part. I am happy and proud that if one fights, fights, does not lower his arms, he can achieve the goal like today”He added.

Suárez recalled that Atlético depends on itself to win the title, if it wins in the last match against him Valladolid. “We depend on ourselves. It is the most important game of the season, we had many but this is too important to achieve the goal “, he concluded.