Luis Suárez, a champion with ‘self-love’

Self-love and the strength to recover from adversity are two of the main characteristics of Luis Suarez, who this Saturday became champion of the Spanish La Liga with the Atlético de Madrid.

This is what he assures during an interview with Efe Julio Moreno, institutional physical trainer of the National, who has known him since childhood, since he worked with him when he started in the training divisions of the Uruguayan team.

“He had exceptional conditions from every point of view, a very polished technique, a boy with impressive self-esteem. What I stand out from him since that time in terms of recovering from adversity is that he always has revenge for everything. It is a jug (boy) that is never delivered; on the contrary, the more difficulties he has, the more he gets around them ”, he emphasizes.

Moreno began sharing with Suárez when he had not turned 14 years old and emphasizes that at that time he was not “as impulsive” as he is today.

However, he points out that, as time went by, he became more vehement. “As a young boy, he was not one to fight. That was happening in the course of time, there he was acquiring that temperament that characterizes him, ”he says.


Despite the fact that the Uruguayan has formed incredible attacking pairs throughout his career with footballers such as Daniel Sturridge, Edinson Cavani, Lionel Messi or Joao Félix, Moreno do not forget the one you did with Martin Cauteruccio in the lower divisions of the Nacional.

“They scored goals of all colors, they wreaked havoc on the rival defenses. In the fifth division they made about 100 goals ”, recalls the physical trainer about the pair between the current player of the Atlético de Madrid and that of Students of La Plata Argentinian.

In May 2005, Suárez took the field for the first time in the highest category under the orders of the now technical director of the national team. Chile, Martín Lasarte, and shortly afterwards he scored the first goal.

“He always wanted to play, he didn’t give up on anything, he didn’t care about being younger than the others or having just come up, he wanted to play,” he recalls Brown, who adds: “His goal had been closed a little, in the first matches he did not make the number of goals that he had been doing in youth, but later the goal was opened and it was a barbaric thing.”

With the tricolor, the forward achieved the titles of Uruguayan Champion in the 2005 season and in the 2005-2006 season.


When he left the National, Suarez left to Europe where he played in the dutch Groningen Y Ajax, in the Liverpool English, and in Spanish Barcelona Y Atlético de Madrid.

When he was in England, the forward received in his house Brown, who traveled with four youths who worked for a few days in the minor categories of the team.

“I had the opportunity to share with him, we saw him play a couple of games. He received me like the gods, it seemed that time had not passed. We had not seen each other for five or six years and it seemed that we saw each other every day, he treated me as a film ”, he says.

Also, remember that in the home of the scorer they watched two games. In one of these, the Marcelo Gallardo National beat 3-2 at Rentistas, while in the other the Real Madrid won by 1-2 to Barcelona.

On the other hand, Brown, who dreams of seeing again Suarez with the t-shirt of National, asserts that the way in which the scorer “is breaking it” in the mattress set is one more example of his way of being and of that “self-love” that he has.

“Faced with adversity, he multiplies, temperament and not having stage fright lead him to this kind of thing, to always win revenge. He has revenge and he wins it ”, he concludes.