Luis Milla: ‘Granada is the perfect place to continue my progression’

Midfielder Luis Milla, Granada’s first signing for next season, believes that this club is “the perfect place” to continue his football “progression” and was “sure” of having opted to reach a team with which he identifies “by the values ​​it conveys”.

Luis Milla, who has been committed to Granada for four seasons after paying five million euros in the termination clause to leave Tenerife, said on Monday during his presentation that he was “very proud” and “very grateful” to the leaders and technicians of the Andalusian entity.

“It is an illusion to come to a club like Granada with which I identify with the values ​​that it represents and transmits. I come to a family, it is seen from outside, it is not necessary to tell me about it. I want to experience it from within, to This is a dream for me, “added the player.

“I have seen Granada matches and you can see how committed the squad is to the club and the idea of ​​the coach -Diego Martínez-“, added Luis Milla, who recognized that jumping to the First Division was “a very important decision” for him but that choosing Granada was “an easy decision”.

Debut in the top category at 25 is for the midfielder “a great leap” in which he has “a lot of enthusiasm”, stressing that he arrives in Granada to “work and be one more”.

“Diego (Martínez) is very much to blame for being here, I have a tremendous desire to experience it from the inside, you see Granada and you have healthy envy for how he competes and is committed to the idea of ​​the coach, how the outsiders celebrate the goals , and much of the blame for what you see is the coach, “he said.

“I have been in professional soccer for two and a half years, I come with all the humility in the world to grow, I am sure that this is the perfect place to continue with that progression. Feeling identified with the idea has been important in making this decision”, Luis Milla insisted.

The media arrives with “a lot of humility, a desire to improve and with great confidence” that it can “help the team and the club continue to grow”, making it clear that they live soccer “with passion” and that they will “leave everything” for his new team.

“Granada have a lot of merit for making the best season in their history, and that they look at me is pride, I hope to return the bet that they have made with me with a lot of work,” he said.

Granada’s sports director, Fran Sánchez, for his part, indicated that Luis Milla “has grown a lot in recent years and fits very well” in what the club and its “sports project” are.

“We are very grateful that he has chosen us, I think he has been convinced by what this group of players and this coaching staff transmits. They have been fast but very intense days,” added the manager.