Luis García Plaza: ‘The first part is the worst since we’ve gotten together’

Luis Garcia Plaza, coach of the Majorca, was critical of the first part of his team against him Fuenlabrada after it trailed 3-0 at halftime in a clash that ended 4-1.

“You do not have to put any hot cloth. The first part is the worst since we have gotten together, by far. Neither in defense, nor in attack, nor in concentration … they have beaten us in everything. After that, it is true that we committed individual mistakes that mark the duel, because sometimes it happens like that, but the first half is very bad in all aspects, “he declared.

“You do not have to personalize in any player, if you have to personalize in someone it is in me. There has not been any player who has been well and the coach, much worse. It is football, sometimes for A or for B things do not work out” he commented.

However, he considers that the situation is reversible: “I hope it is not a trend. We went through a streak equal to a point of nine in the first round and cut it in the next game. At the end in a league you have good moments and bad moments. “.

“You have to get up, get them back, encourage them, be with them, correct and make self-criticism. It is not logical to lose 4-1, it is something that I did not expect. But I think it is deserved because the first half is very poor,” he added.

Along these lines, he stated: “I’ve had two promotions already and you always spend those moments during the season. That’s when the team has to be mature, whole, knowing what it has to correct. You don’t have to crush the players but give them a vote of confidence, these players make us be in direct promotion “.

“They don’t give you more points for winning 4-0 or they give you less for losing 4-1. It’s a very bad image, the first half is very bad. At half-time I have spoken to them with great sincerity, not with anger, I have told them so we can’t go. In the second half the team has changed and we even had options to get into the game, “he said.